I have been asked quite a bit lately … When is the next who the shoe are you? Event. It would of been take place this week and all the memories came rolling into my Facebook page. This event is so very special to me and it will happen in 2020. Organizing an fundraising event to this caliber usually has a whole team. I am just me, so balancing the organizing of this Awesome shoe event and business can be a little challenging!! DOn’t worry… I have not been sitting around with my feet in the air!

Ok.. Maybe for this Shoe photos, however even in this photo I am waiting for my clients for their apple orchard session. I would love to tell you all about all the great and exciting things that we have been up to in this last year. Let me share a few highlights with you!!!

📸 As mentioned that evening, we officially launched the The Travel Connection, A Travel Agency where we specialized in Destination weddings, Adventure & specialty groups.

📸 Because of this excitement … We had to do a Rebranding. This is where Casey & Co. Photo Studios & The Travel Connection logos and name change came to life.

📸 We have recently been to Dominican Republic for a Destination Wedding and spent the week with an amazing group of people. Looking forward to many more in 2020. We are heading to ST Lucia in early January.


Dominican Republic Wedding

📸 We can’t forget that with all that I have had one of my biggest wedding seasons with 15 brides & Grooms. I am so grateful that have chosen me as their photographer to document their special day!!!

📸 We also can’t forget that above all that I have been making some time for my personal journey & well- being. I have stated to run, and just finished my first Half Marathon 3 weeks ago. A mega big ✔️ accomplishment and bucket list item done!!!

📸 We have been travelling a whole bunch for the new company The Travel Connection. With Dominican, Cuba, Jamaica and the maritimes and much more to come!! WE are excited to experience and be on this business adventure of traveling the world.

🐾 And we cannot forget Buttercotch! She has been a big part of our lives and continues to bring us joy!! She’s an adventure everyday!!!

We have soooo much more to come in this are alone! We are so very excited!!! We Promise there will be a 2020 Who The shoe are you?

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