Travel & LoveTravel expenses are not included in these prices, however can be added.

Smaller packages are available.Portrait sessions start at $145 - Contact for more detailsFor commercial and special projects, contact me for a quote.

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Two for most packages, even though I have done it solo for so many years.  I have for the last couple years partnered with Danielle who compliments my styles. Two super bubbly & outgoing photographers. Extra photos, & double the gear (cameras, lenses, and memory cards to ensure everything is backed up).

I have been a wedding photographer now for 13 years.  I started photographing weddings when I first began my photography studies and have been doing it as our full time career for over 5 years now.

I have been able to travel all over the maritimes, parts of Canada and the globe photographing our clients!  I have photographed weddings in France, Punta Cana, St Lucia. Looking forward to many more destination weddings.

You will get your images between 4- 6 weeks after the wedding. We always try to provide you with a sneak peak on Facebook & Blog before the gallery is delivered.

Of course, each image is colour corrected, polished and taken care of with certain parts of the day getting extra care!

LOTS!!!!  Any photo that I find to be sufficiently awesome & not identical to another photo will be edited and given to you. Every wedding is different and has a different amount of hours of coverage and opportunities for moments etc.  With shorter coverage you can expect around 400-600 photos, and with longer coverage you can expect even more!!

For sure, I would highly recommend you make prints or an album. We can help you with that, however you get all digital files with full print quality and the full printing rights. The only things you can’t do is significantly alter them, take credit for them, or sell them.

I think that it should be a collaborative experience. I am always open to  any new and crazy ideas. So hit me up with your unique ideas!  We love capturing genuinely what happens in the moment: the smiles, tears, the crazy dance moves and all the interactions.  We don’t work extensively from a list. We have important notes written down with a copy of the agenda and family & VIP’s that need to be in the formal photos. We create this list together ahead of time, while we are getting to know each other over coffee or drinks!!!

With our experience been to over 150 weddings and we have found if we have at least two hours for photos on your wedding day. If your running a bit late we still have ample time to get awesome and artistic wedding images. If weddings photos are extra important, and you have lots of different locations you would like to go to on your wedding day, or if there is lots of traveling between your getting ready/ceremony/reception location, I would budget in even more time.With every wedding being different, I can help you determine your needs during  our meetings.

Food is the way to our hearts!!!! We have awesome clients who feed us as they know they will get even more wonderful images from their un-hangry photo friends on their wedding day.  It is even extra awesome when they feed us at the same time as the bridal party/family tables are eating, that way we give you a photo break while you eat as the candids at that time aren’t usually the most sought after ; ) Then when you are all done we are back to shooting all of the awesome candids, speeches, slideshows, and other fun events!

Yes, for both my own equipment/data, and liability.

Yes, I charge HST- 15% of all my sales go to the government for HST (even cash sales).

I book anywhere from 4-24 months in advance for weddings, however last minute bookings can happen as well. Send me a message to see if your date is available.