I’m going to share with you the story of one of the participants!!!!  The superhero photo is not part of the exhibit!!! This is just part of my gallery of shoe photos!!!

My shoes speak for me. Even when I’m at my most self-conscious, I can count on my shoes to make the statement, “I’m confident, I’m comfortable on this place” for me. And for someone who is shy, and has always struggled with confidence, that’s a big deal.

Shoes are my colour in a wardrobe of safe black garments. They’re my expression of whimsy, of personality, and my calling card. And I’ve found that when I pair wicked heels with wicked red lipstick, there is nothing in this life that can defeat me.

So…I guess, in a sense, my stilettos are my superhero costume.

My suit of armour. My “ass-kicking entrepreneur” uniform.

NEF_8678 NEF_8684
Photo by: Karen Casey Photography

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