“Growth & Comfort do not coexist ” – Ginni Rometty

I came to the beach a few days ago to write this for all of you. The ocean + Sun helps my soul and clears my mind! Because all of this has been in the works for some time now & I have a hard time to keep it under wraps. I am mega excited for all of it.

Karen Casey Photography is growing. We have changed our brand+name & logo. There is so much more to come as well. So STAY CONNECTED!!! So we are now called: Casey & Co. we merged travel 🌎+ 📸 photography together and created 2 business’ that collaborate. They are called Casey & Co. Photography Studio & Casey & Co. The Travel Connection.

I was trying to figure out how to scream the news from the rooftops/beach dunes with excitement but wanted to make sure I made the transition for all my clients and future clients as easy as possible. I was scared/excited + very uncomfortable with sharing the news and change! Anyone that knows me well, know that change is super outside my comfort zone!!

I was hoping to figure out the perfect way! As time was flying by I realized I just had to do it, that there will never be a perfect way. So today, I just did it! Maybe everything is not all perfect but let’s bring on this growth.

Let me tell you a little about both companies & why I decided to do this change. I have been a photographer & passionate traveler✈️ from a very young age. My photography business is currently very focused on portraits, weddings, families and corporate branding. I had been doing destination weddings for some time when I had an epiphany to offer travel planning for my couples. Offering them a unique package offering their travel + photography memories. That meant that I had to become a travel agent. Lots of hard work and sleepless nights, but we have been travel agents for about 7 months now!! It was about time to share this change with all of you!!! So now, I can offer a one-stop option for your destination wedding/elopement travel/photography needs.

With this growth, a new look was in need. That’s when the brain storming and digging deep of my current business began. This is where Casey & Co. transpired.

Why the circles??

Why the circles behind the logo? Let me share this with you as well. IT has some special significance.

‘Some moments are so special they should never be forgotten”

I believe that our moments are interconnected like a circle. The circle represents the notion of wholeness, eternity & timelessness. Photography is a way to capture those moments in time & make them everlasting.

Circles imply an idea of movement and symbolize the cycle of time, the perpetual motion of everything that moves, the planets’ journey around the sun. Our journey going around the world traveling & experiencing the moments.

I have spent my entire professional life creating + being surrounded by photography & working with photographers. It has been the way that I have experienced much of the world. In a deeply personal way I feel an image is poem about time. ” About staying and enjoying the moment”

📸 Photography is a universal language that speaks to the heart ❤️

Being a photographer I feel dedicated + passionate + sometimes half crazy, however I can think of no greater honor nor privilege that to have lived my life surrounded by beautiful images, countries and individuals who let me take part of their special moments .

5 years later…

I’m not closing a door, but opening it a little wider + letting in more sunshine + fresh air + advenures to be explored.

This growth is exciting & really can’t wait to share the next experiences of this journey with all of you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️