Where to start… when I think of Brenda’s & Justin’s wedding i reflect on how It was a beautiful September day from begging to end! Everything was so perfect, even the love between this couple was radiating as strong as the sun that day!!! You can really tell that they are best friends and that it’s the real-deal love!!! The way that they looked into each other eyes was something truly magical. The one special moment that I will always remember from this day is how they were laughing and smiling from he both of them!! but most of all the look on Justin’s face when Brenda walked through those barn doors!!!

As I am recently engaged and planning my own wedding this year, and I often reflect on how wonderful their day was from beginning to end!!! I can really feel the energy between them… they have found there special someone.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer and trusting me from day one!! You both were so much fun and easy going!! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved creating them with you!!!