“Kiss me with your eyes” – Warhol

I wanted to share with my beauties a few reasons why you should do a bridal Photo shoot.

I can’t think of a sexier way to say, “I love you” on your wedding day, with a  gift that keeps on giving year after year. Not just for him but another to start your wedding day feeling fabulous, relax and fun! We highly consider doing a bridal boudoir photo shoot.  I want to share with you four reasons you definitely won’t regret it.



A Boudoir session is an absolute amazing way to celebrate yourself, to create some stunning photographs that showcase just how incredible you really are.  It’s easy to get swept up with work & life and even wedding planning.  When the inner glow is a littler dimmer than it once shined, having some great images of yourself to look back on can help reignite that flame within yourself.  Can you imagine the power of these images will have in 20-30, even 50 years from now.   When you dig them out and reflect on these memories and see just how beautiful, confided and sexy you were at this stage of your life.

To add to it, and if you are anything like me, I worked hard at the gym and eating healthy leading up to my wedding day.  After all hard work to put towards that banging wedding body! Let’s celebrate all the hard work!!!  I may have not been the perfect body I was envisioning , but I had worked hard and felt fantastic on my wedding day.  Below are a few photos from my bridal boudoir session.


 I Feel it’s important to share with all of you my experience of my Bridal boudoir on my wedding day. On such a busy day, I took 20-30 minutes to myself with my photographer. allowing me to reflect.  IT allowed me to read a special note that Nick had left me.  Calming my nerves, taking time to  breathe and embrace what was happening. IT allowed me to feel absolutely stunning with only me, without the dress.

Often this  day goes by so fast, especially after a year of planning it.  I blinked and it was done!  IT was a very special moment that I was able to have and we will both cherish these photos for the rest of our lives .  SO please,  give your self this gift and take a few minutes to allow yourself this gift on your wedding day!!!





On your wedding day, you are the star of the show. Your wedding photographer will be following you around with cameras, and asking you to pose for portraits. This can be very intimidating considering most people don’t normally have professional cameras flashing at them regularly. During a boudoir session, you’ll be in a private room with just your photographer, so you’ll have the chance to get used to the flashing lights of a camera.

Doing a bridal boudoir shoot will really prepare you for being in front of the camera. After all, being photographed in your underwear will make being photographed as a beautiful bride seem like a piece of cake. Boudoir sessions invariably relax my brides and help them to trust me, believe in me (because they see the stunning results) and get over feeling camera shy.”

Wedding boudoir


What  a great way to boost your confidence before your wedding. I believe that one of the most important reasons to organize a boudoir session is simply that you are enough…as you are right now, without changing anything. It will empower you to feel more confident in your own skin and that is invaluable!

I don’t know how many times I have heard, my body is not boudoir type, or i will do it later when i feel skinnier or in better shape.  NO better time than the present.

Like a songs, photographs possess a rare  unique ability to transport you back to the exact moment in time. Flooding back all the emotions  you  were feeling at that moment.   A boudoir session  is a celebration of looking the most beautiful. It’s memorable, it’s the documentation of one of the most beautiful days of your life. That gorgeous glow from within that will likely keep the fire burning brightly in your marriage ’til death do you part.

wedding photography



Take your boudoir photos and create a gorgeous photo albums to showcase your incredible pictures. Your partner will definitely love opening up this discreet package and realizing that it’s a seductive surprise. Whether you plan to give your fiancé the album as a gift or keeping a copy for yourself. Creating an elegant, tasteful and high-quality album of your boudoir albums is the best way to preserve and showcase your sexy photos.






Oh … and we can’t forget It’s also  an excuse to go lingerie shopping

Between securing your venue, caterer, band, officiant (the list goes on and on…), planning your wedding can be all-consuming. Sometimes YOU just needs a break. And what better way to spend some well-deserved down time lingerie shopping? After all, you’re going to need a few pretty little things for your wedding night & honeymoon anyway.







Join me on May 15th  for a Bridal boudoir session.