What do you do when you are about to burn out????
I wanted to share a little something about myself and my journey to achieving this balance!! ❤️

How do you deal with falling out of LOVE with your passion? Some of us deal with it differently. Have you ever been there? I have and it’s one of the scariesst things to happen to me.

I’m going to share a part of this story on how I deal with the balance of business and creativity. In 2009, I had only been in business for 3 years and was running a studio in the downtown Fredericton. Plus that I was working as a full time Banquet Supervisor at the Delta Fredericton at the age of 22. All my energy was put into making the business run and taking all the clients that came. Even some of the clients that were not my ideal client but a client that will pay the bills of this studio that I had dreamed about for so long. I think most entrepreneurs in the beginning stages will know this feeling.
I had no time to create art, I lost my flare for photography and it showed in my work everyday. But most of all it took a toll on my mental health. When I realized that I no longer wanted to pick up my camera. I knew some kind of action would need to be taken. I decided to pack it up and back pack around Europe. This is where I have quickly discovered my passion for travel.

IT was not enough though, when I returned to reality after traveling for months. Everything was still there waiting for me. The studio, the bills, the stress and still no passion. Found out the hard way the running away from the problem does not fix it!! So I decided to close my studio and focus on my hospitality career, as well as move back home. 2 years went by and the camera, my love, what once was my everything was collecting dust. My heart was broken…. This was a very bad break up! One day I bumped into a long time friend and now colleague Maurice Henri. He was doing a workshop in Grand Manan. I went home that night and decided to join them that weekend. While attending and really motivating myself to create. The harder part was that nothing was bringing me this flame in my heart I knew was once there UNTIL… I came across an old rust car hood that a was bright pink. ( photos of this rusted car hood below)

This car hood saved my photography career and re ignited my passion. I have not looked back since!! I went back over and over to photograph this old car.

I have learned for me not to get back there, My business can not be all work and no play. Because it’s not only my passion that gets lost but MYSELF!!!
Now that I know better, I give myself creative assignments on a regular basis to go out and create for me and no body else.

A recent assignment was called Purple Haze. I’m going to share with you a few images from that assignment.

My ART… My LOVE… My Creations!!!

This is how I can keep producing this fabulous work for all my clients and keep a healthy balance.

Comment below on what you do to keep a healthy life balance !!

Looking forward to hearing all about it!!!