Figure study of the female body

If I knew what the picture was going to be like I wouldn’t make it. IT was almost like it as made already. The challenge is more about trying to make what you can’t think of” – Cindy Sherman

This quote represents the inspiration behind this artistic series. 

This series is a project of multiple exposures and was all done on film.  IT became a controversial material back then and even today in 2019.  I was aware of this when creating this art and wanted to push the boundaries to it’s fullest.  Combining Art and the human figure are both beautiful and make a perfect unison. 

This project cam alive when I visited NYC on my arch break as a student.  We were 4-5 of us that got into a car and headed down to the Big Apple.   

This project is over 10 years old. I needed to present my independent study at school. A study of a subject for 2 months of your choice.  I had chosen the female body as a figure study. This is how this all came about. 

When I was NYC I had saved a roll of film fo when I get back to re – expose in the studio . The chances of success  to have a good and well aligned photos on film were slim, However It was a major success & it became my 1st exhibit in a gallery. 

I kept with the same subject for my second study & mastered the technique. I put a system in place that was very precise and detailed to enable me to get the photos multiple exposed on each image properly each time without any overlap. 

I chose this time to pick controversial/sensitive subjects to partner with the female body. The model was posed in un regular poses to go with these subject matters. 

This whole study as motivated to address positive body image.  I’ve always struggled myself to LOVE MY BODY. Even today!!  This however was an attempt to change that. 


 It’s very noticeable that the body size of women portrayed in the media had been seedily getting smaller.  This is just one factor that contributes to poor body image.  

Living in a culture where being thing = beauty! NO wonder we have this awful vision of our bodies and for us to believe that we are beautiful as we are.  IT’s also a a mis understanding that Wealth + Success are to go hand in hand with a slim figure. 

I wanted to  focus on these issues and express how I see it and feel about it by combining the beautiful landscape of the female figure and create art!

Hopefully my message through my art can open some minds about body, sex and beauty and make people think a little differently.