Today I spent some time in my studio with the Robyn from who wanted to know more about my “Who the SHOE are you ?” gala event!!   It’s not just the interview  that is here to share with all of you!!   I am going to share with you a little secret of mine as well!!

As we all know, photography & the camera are great tools to capture memories! However, for me it has been much  much more!!! With the growth and development of the Who the Shoe are you project it has forced me to overcome many obstacles and step out of my comfort zone on a daily basis!!! Public Speaking to be one of them.  You may know me as friendly and outgoing but put me in front of the camera or a crowd and my anxiety rises.  All those weird things start to happen… fluttering or pounding heart, tremor in the hands and legs, sweaty hands, facial nerve ticsdry mouth.. EWWW!!!!! Just  everything that is not me!!!! It’s very weird how this happens. It’s so unexplainable!!

Through photography and this event it has pushed me to do these things on my own that I may have never done!!!  When I say these ladies and shoes are inspiring and have helped me become who I am … I truly mean it in many ways!!!

Sometimes you just might not know how much of an impact you may have on someone!!  

Tickets can be purchased at this link:


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