Your Butt is not too Big & your Boobs are not to Small

I got you covered … When you’re uncovered!!!


IT’s OK…. that you don’t have any sexy lingerie.  

I can guarantee that together we can find something in your wardrobe. The leather /denim jacket, boyfriend/husbands shirt or that little black dress that sitting in the back of your closet.

Don’t underestimate what looks great, fun and sexy in photos!!!


IT’s OK… Whatever age you are!

Because there is no age limit to having beautiful, confident photos of yourself.


IT’s OK…to be nervous!!!

It’s totally okay to be nervous before your session. Everybody is nervous when they first arrive at their session.  Once you go get your hair & makeup done & a few drinks, some laughs & and good chat. You will be leaving your session feeling fabulous, sexy & like you just had an awesome fun day with a friend.

It’s ok… We’ve got you covered when … your uncovered!!!

It’s ok if you are not someone who does not usually wear much makeup & thinking on skipping it for your boudoir session.  Just a few reasons why I include it in my package and why it’s so important to get pampered before your session.

🤍 How makeup appears in photos is very much different then when you wear it everyday. The makeup artist is an expert in seeing ways to use makeup to flatter each of your faces. They really use techniques to ensure your beauty comes through in your photographs.

🤍They also know the best ways to cover blemish, redness or insecurities that may affect the overall look of the photos. .

🤍Having a professional to do your hair and Makeup will make you feel confident & ease for your session.  We want to reduce the things you have to think or worry about so you can focus on YOU; poses and facial expressions.


You have already invested in getting professional photos done why not pamper yourself & go for the little extra!!!

If you have not yet booked… What are you waiting for. there is no perfect time!